in catch can technology!


Introducing the all new BossVent®, the ONLY catch can on the market with smart in-cabin alerts to warn you of pending catch can maintenance so you’ll never overlook potentially costly catch can maintenance on your engine ever again! 

These days modern Petrol and Diesel engines are outputting more and more horsepower and becoming increasingly complex and expensive to repair. Until now, NO catch can on the market offered a convenient in-cabin warning to alert you to drain the oil or to replace the filter in the catch can and avoid potentially costly engine damage.

BossVent® changes this by utilising smart in-cabin alerts to give you motoring peace of mind and offer the ultimate protection for your engine. 

Easy To Install
INNOVATIVE Smart Alert System
Made for tough conditions
Designed & developed in Australia

BossVent shoulders other catch cans aside by offering a world first smart in-cabin alert system to help protect your engine coupled with a HUGE flow capacity in an extremely compact form factor. 

With a flow capacity of up to twice that of many other catch cans, BossVent vastly reduces the back pressure within the crankcase and vastly reduces the potential risk of costly oil leaks previously associated with fitting a catch can. 

Fitting a BossVent to your car not only offers the most comprehensive protection of any catch can on the market, it also adds to the visual appeal of your 4×4’s engine bay.

BossVent is designed and developed by an Australian company with many years’ experience in engineering innovative solutions in arduous environments to deliver the performance and durability borne from our uniquely tough conditions.

BossVent® catch cans, the ultimate peace of mind!

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