BossVent DNA

Our Australian based company has designed innovative global solutions since 1996 in the military, mining, automotive, offroad 4×4 & camping industries.

After extensive research, development & testing we are very proud to launch what is the Next Generation in catch can technology.

Utilising the latest Parametric CAD design and flow simulations our design and engineering team, in conjunction with many hundreds of hours of testing in Australian conditions are set to establish our position as a major innovator in the industry.

The BossVent® brand stands for ‘innovation, quality, peace of mind and the ultimate protection for your engine’. A modern, world-class operation committed to technical excellence.

“rigorous testing in Australian conditions


BossVent® catch cans are the product of a world-class Australian-based engineering company with roots in design of equipment utilised globally in the military, mining, automotive & off-road industries, designing innovative solutions for more than 25 years.

Fuelled by a passion in commitment to technical excellence, BossVent, has designed a solution to offer the highest levels of protection to the demands of modern engines.

After extensive research, development and testing the result is the BossVent, the Next Generation in catch can technology. BossVent’s game-changing design is the product of intensive R&D, computer aided design and computer simulation, in conjunction with rigorous real world testing in the toughest Australian conditions.

Premium automotive-grade materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment & manufacturing technology ensure BossVent catch cans deliver maximum functionality, durability and is a premium quality product fit for the most demanding applications.

With innovative design and unrivalled quality, BossVent catch cans provide peace of mind and the Ultimate Protection for your pride and joy!


Only BossVent® offers our smart in-cabin catch can monitoring technology integrated into a compact form factor with the specific purpose of helping reduce potential engine damage by monitoring the oil level and filter blockage status of the catch can, this with a huge flow capacity & lower engine internal back pressure offering features most other catch cans can’t.

Welcome to the next generation in Catch Can Technology