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BossVent offers a range of unique engine protection features in a visually appealing compact and functional form factor.

What is a catch can?

Catch cans – also known as a crank case vapor oil separator – are a key aftermarket component in your engine’s crankcase ventilation system, standard OEM Petrol and Diesel vehicles don’t come fitted with a catch can and the OEM oil separation is very poor, leading to progressive and performance robbing buildups inside your engine and components like intercoolers, intake manifolds, valves and turbo chargers. BossVent is designed to filter out blow-by oil and keep your intake system clean & healthy while constantly keeping watch on catch can oil level and filter blockage status.

If a catch can filter slowly becomes blocked it can increase crankcase internal pressures and lead to engine oil leakage, or the catch can simply bypasses allowing the oil it’s meant to filter out to coat downstream components such as intercoolers, intake manifolds or turbos all without you knowing.

BossVent prevents this by continually monitoring the status of filter blockage and catch can oil level, alerting you when catch can maintenance is required before it leads to potentially costly engine damage.

There are three common reasons a catch can over-pressurises an engine’s crankcase

  1. If it’s undersized for the application,
  2. its filter is blocked or
  3. it’s full of oil due to lack of maintenance.

The BossVent catch can solves all three of these issues, with huge flow capacity in a compact unit that features smart real time in-cabin oil level and blocked filter monitoring.

4 big benefits that make Bossvent

the next generation in catch cans

1. The ultimate protection for your engine

With BossVent, you’ll never have to worry about potentially disastrous engine damage – such as blowing a rear main oil seal through excessive crankcase pressure – with patent pending smart in-cabin blocked filter and high oil level alarms that ensure you won’t forget periodic maintenance. There’s also a pressure relief valve as an emergency back-up.

So, you can hit the wide open road with peace of mind, knowing your catch can has ample flow for your engine, and that it’ll give you a warning if the filter becomes blocked or the oil needs to be drained.

2. Superior performance

BossVent offers huge flow capacity in a compact form factor so it’s easy to fit into the confined spaces found in many modern engine bays. With industry proven high efficiency filters offering your engine the ultimate in high blowby gas flow rates and protection against performance robbing carbon deposits.

3. Attractive & easy to use

BossVent makes an attractive addition to your vehicles engine bay, with its robust moulded design and anodised aluminium hardware, available in a range of colours.

4. Australian innovation

BossVent’s Next Generation design and functionality is the product of Australian engineering know how and is designed and tested to tackle the very toughest of conditions


Only BossVent® offers our Unique Patent Pending monitoring technology integrated into a compact form factor with the specific purpose of helping reduce potential engine damage by monitoring the oil level and filter blockage status of the catch can, this with a huge flow capacity & lower engine internal back pressure offering features most other catch cans can’t.

Welcome to the future in Catch Can Technology